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Substance Abuse Recovery Network

The Substance Abuse Recovery Network is here for people and families caught in the cycle of addiction. We understand there is a need for accurate and complete data when dealing with addictions. So often the person or family feels lost with all the choices that can be made for recovery. Our hope is to provide complete directories for Suboxone Treatment, Methadone Treatment, Sober Living and Residential Treatment Facilities.

We are constantly seeking out and adding new resources in the treatment of addiction and programs to support recovery. You will find below different tables for the resrouces we offer. Each category of recovery is listed by state for those programs. To the right on all pages is a contact form. If you are seeking an in-patient rehab just fill out the confidential form and one of our representatives will call you back quickly.

Suboxone Doctor Directories

If you are struggling with opiate addiction and have chosen the Suboxone step down treatment you can find licensed Suboxone doctors in our directory to the right.

Click on the state you are seeking help in and you will arrive at that states directory. Inside the directory, you will find the doctors information listed by city. The information is complete with address and phone number.

Sober Living Directory

Sober living is the next step for continuing the work you have completed during your in-patient treatment. It is an opportunity to live in a safe, recovery focused environment.

To the left is our Sover Living directory. Click on the state you are seeking a living environment in. You will arrive at the directory for that state with complete listings of the sober living homes. The lists have the programs name, address and phone number listed to help you in your search.