Gravel Drug

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The Gravel Drug: A New Illicit Drug With Dangerous Effects called Gravel


The Gravel Drug

The new Gravel Drug has been popping up in parts of the country this year. Police department across the nation are beginning to report cases of this dangerous “Gravel Drug”. The first reports have come from the Southern states. The composition of the drug Gravel is varied based on these reports.


What is the Drug Gravel?

The new illicit substance gets it’s name gravel, from it’s appearance. Reports of the chemical makeup of the substance include the compound alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone, a synthetic stimulant designed in the 60’s that affects the cardiovascular and central nervous system. Many of the reports state that additional chemicals and drugs have been added. Some of the additives include, bath salts, klonopin, and methamphetamine. There are even reports of rat poison and ammonia nitrate, a highly flammable substance found in fertilizer. Image of Gravel Drug


What are the Effect of Gravel?

The new drug is report to be highly addictive requiring only a couple of month use to become dependent. It is reported that users receive an intense “high” by snorting, smoking or injection. Extreme paranoia, suicidal thoughts, high blood pressure and skin lesions are a few of the dangerous effects from using the new drug. Another effect being reported in conjunction with it’s use is the inability to feel pain.


Dangers of Gravel Drug

As with any designer drug, the true danger lies with how the drug was formulated by the chemist. Users never know what is being added to the alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone to cut the substance for resale. If the caustic substance is too high there is really no way of determining what damage is being done through its use. There are already reports of rat poison and fertilizer components being added to the base substance.


As with any new drug, no one really knows what the long term effects could be. There really is no way of knowing if you will get cancer, heart or liver problems from using the drug Gravel.


Gravel in the ER

An emergency room physician at Bristol Regional Medical Center reported dealing with Gravel patients as “Very, very dangerous. One of the most dangerous things I’ve seen in the 15 years of ER medicine I’ve been doing. Probably the most dangerous drug I’ve ever seen,” said Dr. Mettert. Bristol Tennessee was one of the first areas of the country to report the outbreak of the Gravel drug. Dr. Merrit is reported as saying users of the drug often times require ICU level of care and tend to take up a lot of hospital resources for their care.

What to Do About Gravel

Police department across the country are asking for the publics support due the the dangers associated with this new drug. If you come across the drug they are requesting that you alert them so they can take appropriate steps to identify the dealer and get ahead of the distribution of the substance.


If you know someone using or addicted to gravel, take the steps necessary to get them help. There are thousands of treatment programs around the country to help with substance abuse and programs are set up to help just about anyone who struggles with addiction. If you need help getting started feel free to contact us HERE.