Inpatient Drug Rehab Puerto Rico


Our directory of inpatient drug rehabs Puerto Rico is set to help you select the best program for your treatment needs. We have included in our list both CARF and JACHO accredited programs the offer 30, 60 and 90 days of treatment.


Read through some of our information below to help you choose a program. In the table below you will find a list of inpatient drug rehab programs for Puerto Rico. By clicking the phone button in the list you can access all of the programs information including address, phone number and treatment demographics.


Should you want help, fill out our private contact form and a qualified consultant will call you and help you locate the best inpatient drug rehab for your needs.



Keys to Finding the Best Inpatient Drug Rehab


Some important items to consider when choosing your program:

  • Decide on a 30, 60, or 90 day program

  • Make sure the program has experience treating your addiction.

  • Payment, if using insurance have them verify it for their program.

  • Check the qualifications of the facility and staff.

  • Make sure the treatment modality matches your expectations.

  • See if the program offers any planning for after you discharge their program.


What is inpatient Drug Rehab?


Inpatient drug rehab programs help those struggling with addiction and substance abuse issues using therapeutic methods in a safe environment. Patients that utilize inpatient drug rehab services gain personalized recovery from a group of specialized treatment experts. The important aspect of inpatient drug rehabs is you are living in an environment 24-7 while you receive the specialized care. You attend personal and group sessions to address the issues surrounding your addiction and mental health.


Knowing your personal requirements are extremely important with picking an inpatient drug rehab program. If you have struggled long term with addiction you can benefit greatly by utilizing an inpatient treatment program. Living expenses for these programs can be expensive if you are unable to utilize insurance.

Program NameCityState 
Hogar JESUS IncAnascoPR
Hogar Crea Arecibo AdultosAreciboPR
Reto Juvenil de Puerto RicoAreciboPR
Hogar Crea BarranquitasBarranquitasPR
Teen ChallengeBayamonPR
Centro de Transformacion SocialBayamonPR
Fundacion UPENS IncBayamonPR
Hogar Crea Vista AlegreBayamonPR
Hogar Crea Rio PlantationBayamonPR
Proyecto Oasis de Amor IncBayamonPR
Hogar Crea Cabo RojoCabo RojoPR
Hogar Crea de CaguasCaguasPR
Hogar Resurreccion IncCaguasPR
Hogar Crea San IsidroCanovanasPR
Hogar Crea CayeyCayeyPR
Hogar Crea Coamo VaronesCoamoPR
Hogar Crea Coamo DamasCoamoPR
Hogar Crea ComerioComerioPR
Hogar Crea CorozalCorozalPR
Hogar Crea de AdultosCoto LaurelPR
Hogar Crea FajardoFajardoPR
Hogar Crea Arecibo DamasGarrochalesPR
Hogar Crea GuanicaGuanicaPR
Hogar Crea GuayamaGuayamaPR
Hogar de Ayuda El Refugio IncGuaynaboPR
Hogar Crea Sabana CatanoGuaynaboPR
Hogar Crea Guaynabo AdolescentesGuaynaboPR
Centro Renacer IncGuaynaboPR
Hogar Crea Guaynabo AdultosGuaynaboPR
Hogar Dios Es Nuestro Refugio IncGuaynaboPR
Hogar Crea GuraboGuraboPR
Hogar Nueva Vida HumacaoHumacaoPR
Hogar Crea HumacaoHumacaoPR
Corda Centro Orientacion RehabHumacaoPR
Hogar Crea Juana Diaz AdolescentesJuana DiazPR
Hogar Crea Juana Diaz AdultosJuana DiazPR
Hogar Crea JuncosJuncosPR
Hogar Nuevo PactoJuncosPR
Hogar Crea LoizaLoizaPR
Hogar Crea LuquilloLuquilloPR
Hogar Crea Manati VaronesManatiPR
Mision Rescate Drug Abuse Trt deMayaguezPR
Hogar Crea OrocovisOrocovisPR
Hogar Crea Ponce PuebloPoncePR
Centro Ponce TratamientoPoncePR
Hogar Crea Ponce PlayaPoncePR
Hogar Crea Sabana GrandeSabana GrandePR
Horizon Military AcademySalinasPR
Hogar del Buen Pastor IncSan JuanPR
Casa La ProvidenciaSan JuanPR
Hogar Crea Ciudad ModeloSan JuanPR
Hogar Crea Villa PalmerasSan JuanPR
Hogar Crea San JoseSan JuanPR
Hogar Crea Parcelas FaluSan JuanPR
Hogar Crea Sabana LlanaSan JuanPR
Hogar Crea Las AmericasSan JuanPR
Hogar Crea VenezuelaSan JuanPR
Hogar Crea Country ClubSan JuanPR
Hogar Crea San SebastianSan SebastianPR
Hogar Crea Toa AltaToa AltaPR
Hogar Posada la Victoria IncToa AltaPR
Casa Luz y VidaToa AltaPR
Hogar Santisima TrinidadToa AltaPR
Hogar Divino Nino Jesus IncToa BajaPR
Hogar Crea Trujillo PuebloTrujillo AltoPR
Hogar Crea El ConquistadorTrujillo AltoPR
Hogar Crea La QuintaTrujillo AltoPR
Hogar Crea Inc Posada de la EsperanzaTrujillo AltoPR
Hogar Crea Vega AltaVega AltaPR
Fundacion UPENS IncVega BajaPR
Silo Mision Cristiana IncVega BajaPR
Hogar Crea YabucoaYabucoaPR
Ministerio de RestauracionYabucoaPR
Hogar Crea YaucoYaucoPR

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