Sober living District of Columbia

Sober living District of Columbia is here to help you find a place to continue your recover. We understand that finding the correct environment while continuing the work of recovery is vital to a persons success. There are many factors to consider in a sober home like, cost, atmosphere, peer group, and continued therapy in house.

Sober living houses in District of Columbia range from homes to apartment communities and are group homes for people afflicted with addiction. These homes can be owned by people in the private sector, some of the houses belong to a group of companies, and may even belong to non profit groups. The houses tend to be placed in a discreet locations, to garner a tranquil environment for persons to recover.

These houses should not be confused with rehabilitation centers. Rehabilitation centers are often more rigorous with therapy and restrictive with a persons freedom. Persons in sober living environments often get to set their own daily schedule for coming and going within the bounds of the facility rules. For instance, most homes require residents to work during the day and return by curfew. Programs often test it’s inhabitants through drug screens to ensure their sobriety.

People living in these types of programs are responsible for themselves. Being responsible in an important step for recovery. The lifestyle of addiction often causes the person to lose control over their life. Living as independently as possible, addicts buy their own food, pay rent and complete chores around the house.

Sober Living District of Columbia

Sober Living Facilities in the District of Columbia
Facility NameStreet AddressStateZip CodePhoneDeomograhicsPayment
Safe Haven Outreach Ministry Inc1140 North Capitol Street NWDC20002(202) 589-1505x307Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders, Persons with HIV/AIDS, Women, Men
Salvation Army2100 New York Avenue NEDC20002(202) 269-6333Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders, Persons with HIV/AIDS, Gays and Lesbians, Pregnant/postpartum women, Women, Men, Criminal justice clientsSelf payment
Samaritan Inns2523 14th Street NWDC20009(202) 667-8831x266Persons with HIV/AIDSAccess to Recovery
Executive Addictive Disease Progs Inc4335 Wisconsin Avenue NWDC20016(202) 362-2588DUI/DWI offendersSelf payment
Federal City Recovery Services920 Bellevue Street SEDC20032(202) 236-4362Persons with HIV/AIDS, Women, Men, Criminal justice clients


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