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 Below is a list of Suboxone doctors in Idaho who prescribe Suboxone. The listings are sorted alphabetically by city/town. Each listing provides complete contact information including name, address, and phone number. We do our best to keep the directory up to date.

Finding suboxone treatment may not be as easy as just calling a doctor and getting an prescription, like it is with all other medications. Federal law limits how many patients a doctor can help with buprenorphine at any one time. This slant on the supply and demand dynamics can cause shortages of treatment, increased costs for office visits, and a reduction in the acceptance of private insurance. The list below is intended to help you access the best treatment option available to you. 

Choosing a Suboxone Doctor – Idaho

When choosing a Suboxone doctor near you, you want to make the right choice.  Consulting  your primary care doctor is always a good first step. If your primary care physician is unaware of any Suboxone doctors for a referral, you can do a quick search of our directory which is pulled from the national list of certified prescribing Suboxone doctors. We have directories on every state, with important and helpful information about Suboxone and opiate addictions.

Do your homework on your choice of Suboxone Doctor. Make sure the Suboxone provider has a good reputation with an extensive history of treating patients who struggle with opiate addictions successfully. Some suboxone doctors with poor reputations have manipulate costs and largely overcharge for services. Before choosing a Suboxone doctor it is a good idea to call around and get the treatment cost from several reputable doctors to help you make your decision.

A helpful practice in searching for a Suboxone doctor, is to make a list of 3-4 providers in your area. Most providers follow strict regulations on the number of patients they can see at a time, some provider may already have reached their capacity. It may require calls to  several clinics in order for you to  find one that is accepting new patients.

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Suboxone Doctors Idaho

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Suboxone Doctors Idaho

First Name Last Name Suffix Address City State Zip Code Phone
Richard New M.D. 1498 South Midway Avenue Ammon ID 83406 (208) 552-0920
Susan Lee M.D. 700 East Alice Street Blackfoot ID 83221 (208) 785-1200
Marc Porot 98 Poplar Blackfoot ID 83221 (208) 782-3993
John Davis D.O. 98 Poplar Street Blackfoot ID 83221 (208) 785-3800
Patrick Dwyer M.D. 5985 West State Street Boise ID 83703 (208) 853-0071
Kristina Harrington 5985 West State Street Boise ID 83703 (208) 853-0071
Coire Weathers M.D. 413 North Allumbaugh Street Boise ID 83704 (208) 323-1125
Jeffrey Hartford M.D. 8324 Northview Boise ID 83704 (208) 376-8337
Todd Palmer M.D. 777 North Raymond Street Boise ID 83704 (208) 367-6030
Jon-eric Baillie M.D. Jon-eric Baillie, MD Boise ID 83709 (208) 377-3299
Jon-eric Baillie M.D. Raise the Bottom Boise ID 83709 (208) 433-0400
Maureen Ferguson M.D. 121 East Fort Street Boise ID 83712 (208) 381-6102
Michael Whiting M.D. 2115 East Sherman Avenue Coeur D Alene ID 83814 (208) 819-7103
Thomas Hull M.D. 850 West Ironwood Coeur d Alene ID 83814 (208) 664-5225
Brittany Burns M.D. Family Medicine Coeur d' Alene Coeur d Alene ID 83814 (208) 667-2541
John Casper Bridgeway Health Services Eagle ID 83616 (208) 475-0800
Grant Belnap M.D. 1032 South Bridgeway Place Eagle ID 83616 (208) 246-0123
Douglas Smith Jr., M.D. 605 11th Avenue East Gooding ID 83330 (208) 934-8461
Reid Lofgran D.O. Gooding Family Physicians Gooding ID 83330 (208) 934-4446
Ken Young D.O. 9751 North Government Way Hayden ID 83835 (208) 304-5278
Philip Girling M.D. 2267 Teton Plaza Idaho Falls ID 83001 (208) 522-0140
Holly Zoe M.D. 1341 East 17th Street Idaho Falls ID 83404 (208) 523-7246
Stephen DeNagy M.D. 170 East 17th Street Idaho Falls ID 83404 (208) 346-7500
Glenn Jefferson Jr. 2315 8th Street Lewiston ID 83501 (208) 746-1383
Celso Chavez M.D. 1522 17th Street Lewiston ID 83501 (208) 743-8416
Katharine Roman M.D. 2321 East Gala Street Meridian ID 83642 (208) 888-5848
Olurotimi Ashaye M.D. 2365 East Gala Street Meridian ID 83642 (208) 288-2280
Richard Montgomery M.D. 2011 North Locust Grove Meridian ID 83646 (208) 336-3615
Richard Gerber M.D. Terry Reilly Health Services Nampa ID 83653 (208) 466-7869
Ronald Carroll M.D. 823 Center Avenue Payette ID 83661 (208) 642-3396
Ehab Abdallah M.D. 500 South 11th Pocatello ID 83201 (208) 239-1222
Michael Carraher M.D. 1300 East Mullan Post Falls ID 83854 (208) 773-0721
Robert Rust M.D. 1301 North Division Sandpoint ID 83864 (208) 265-0610
Eric Heidenreich M.D. 228 Shoup Avenue West Twin Falls ID 83301 (208) 734-6760
David Hadlock D.O., FACOOG 496 C Shoup Avenue West Twin Falls ID 83301 (208) 735-0000